Podere Cogno is a small organic farm, in a blessed position at the heart of Chianti Classico Area.

At Cogno there are traces of human presence since the Etruscans, as witnessed by archaeological findings in the fields, and  during the past centuries this valley, protected from the north winds and rich in water, always farmed olives.

During the Sixties, Podere Cogno was radically ameliorated respecting the ecosystem and covering today’s eleven hectares.

Recent studies and analyses of land prove that both soil and climate  naturally favour superior quality extra virgin organic olive oil production and show how natural it is to use biological techniques, on account of the absence of diseases and parasites.

The olive groves are surrounded by thick oak forest which protects them from other crops and regulate the thermoregulation.

Our family personally care and follow all the various stages, from pruning through harvesting, strictly by hand, to cold pressing, from storage in the farm’s cellars up to bottling and marketing.

Podere Cogno Olive Oil is a “hand made” oil, and it is the result of a strong connection between product and land.

Our aim is to offer an absolutely biological, genuine and natural product: our oil is obtained exclusively from cold pressing of olives, harvested from the 3045 olive trees cultivated on Cogno's 11 Ha of olive groves, without any addition  or blending whatsoever.

Since the pressing of the olives undergoes no modification, the main standards of the oil are unchanging – with very low acidity and high values of polyphenols and tocopherols -, although the summer climate may cause slight difference in taste.

The high quality and genuineness of this product are assured by the excellent ecosystem, the great care in cultivation, a “family” run system, and the love and passion with which all the production process is followed: all the above make Podere Cogno olive oil unique.


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