Tuscany has a very strong culinary tradition and its dishes and products (for example the "fiorentina" -thick broiled steak- the "pappa col pomodoro" - bread and tomato soup - "panzanella" - bread, tomato and cucumber salad - "canellini beans", panforte and cantuccini - typical Senese spiced cakes- the special oil and the Chianti wine) are famous all over the world. It is amazing that these ancient recipes had been handed down exactly as they were years ago and are still up to date, due to the use of the region products.

In the hart of all these marvels, we do not intend to compete with the distinguished restaurants in the region or to propose a local characteristic inn, but we offer every day home cooking, just as we serve to our family and to our friends; this is the why we limit our booking to five tables per day, and require advance notice in the morning for the dinner in the evening.

We often read in recipes "...cook for at least two hours at low heat..." but who has the time to do it nowadays ? We do, and we want to take you back in time, when there was somebody at home who prepared meals lovingly for the family, using seasonal and genuine ingredients. As much as possible we use vegetables from our biological kitchen garden and recipes from Tuscan and Italian tradition, handed down by our grandmothers. In summer we use the wood heated oven, and in winter the wood stove, discovering once again the "poor" flavours too often forgotten

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