Our family: the parents, Marco and Giovanna, 3 daughters, Claudia, Michela and Silvia, Granny Mimmi: we live all year  at Podere Cogno and we take personal care of its management with the help of an efficient staff.

During our life, since childhood, we had the luck to travel all over the world, both for vacation and work, and for the above we have been in all kinds of accommodations: from the top hotels to the mountain shelters.

These different experiences allowed us to understand the really important, usefull, pleasant facilities that should be found while travelling, expecially in a foreign country
Considereing the various reasons, backgrounds, expectations of a traveller, the perfect resort that can satisfy everybody doesn’t exist. To avoid misunderstandings and insatisfactions, it is very important to have the most true and complete information: Guest’s enjoyment can be reached when he finds at his arrival what he was looking for, and perhaps something more….

In the 80s, after our Phd degrees, we decided to gave up “normal” and well oragnized life to devote ourselves to the turistic welcoming, and after 17 years in Sardinia, where we had a 120 person Residence, we moved to Chianti, in order to offer an exclusive place for people like us, who don’t like crowds, but who appreciate the essence of what is offered, because the outward appearance doesn’t always mean quality, and familiarity must not hide lack of professionality, but it must guarantee a warm and relaxed atmosphere: a house where everybody can be himself, with the utmost respect for individual privacy.

With no doubt in Tuscany, and particulary in Chianti, there is a wide offer of turistic accommodation, but Poder Cogno offers an antique hospitality, the one that was offered in old ages when people had holidays in the country houses, and there Guests were blessed, their requirements put at the first place and they could share the deep knowledge of the country, to feel part of it, at ease, welcomed….really “at home”.

All the above has been possible because we decided to mix a simple home welcome with the most of the complete services and refined details, enhancing the peculiarity of this magic place, respecting the country and its hisory. For us Podere Cogno is not only work, great care and profit, but over all an endless research for the best to offer to our Guests.

Marco e Giovanna      



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