COGNO: the name itself derives from an ancient measure of capacity, mostly used in oil and wine trade in the Florentine Reinassance


The discovery of ancient boundary stones in the fields and the old path that joins Campalli zone to Fonterutoli hill, prove without any doubt that Cogno dale was known and inhabited since the Etruscan age.
Since then, on the rocky spur between the two branches of the Gena stream, human installations followed each other and in the terrace-fields one can find old olive trees that were planted in Dante’s and Boccaccio’s period.
During centuries the ancient tower, built to protect the entrance of the valley on the original track that joined Castello di Fonterutoli to the plan, has been surrounded by new houses and farms up to the edification of the barn in the XXVIII century.
The farm's particular location, in the center of green woods, allowed the farming of olive, grapes, honey, wheat and cattle. But in the fitfies of last century a period of carelessness, due to the encreasing urbanization and the hard frost in 1956, caused the gardens, the fields and even the houses to be overrun by weeds.
At the end of the sixties an English family bought the farm and took care of the olive grooves and of the restauration of the most ancient part of the house, the one around the tower.
Our family has undertaken further restorations in 2002, leaving the atmosphere of this beautiful place intact, but adding all those comforts which are required in a modern resort.



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