below our suggestions to help you in choosing the best accommodation according to your requirements

~   Suites & bedrooms on B&B basis

For Guests who:

  • are looking forward to a relaxing holiday with B&B or Half Board facilities

  • are not used to have fruit and food in their bedroom

  • don't need a fridge to store their own food and beverage

  • love to go around and don't want to bother about the daily shopping and cooking

  • want ot be free to decide what to do day by day, and, when they decide to spend the day by the pool or in the garden, they are happy to enjoy our light lunch or spuntini

  • don't need to eat in their accommodation, but prefer to eat out, both in the local restaurants and in ours

  • we wish to remind you that in the suites and in the bedrooms it is not possible to have meals or snacks and to store food. In the minibar of the suites you can find cold drinks provided by the hotel but it can't be used for storing personal food or drinks

booking and accommodation in  B&B means choosing COMFORT  


 ~   Garden Suite & Cottage Suite with B&B+ facilities

For Guests who:

  • are looking forward to a relaxing holiday with B&B or Half Board facilities

  • love to have at their disposal a separated area where they can have not cooked snacks

  • are used to have fruit and snacks in their bedroom

  • need a fridge to store their drinks and the "delicatessen" they have bought in the local markets and shops

  • think to spend a lot of time in Cogno's garden or by the pool and want to be free to have fast snacks whenever they want

  • during their holiday don't want to bother about the main meals 

  • love to have and external private area

  • in these suites there is a special area with fridge, table and sink,but no kitchen equipments hobs and oven are available 

  • the minibar provided by the hotel is available only on request 

booking in B&B+ is mainly a coice of  FLEXIBILITY


~   Casa Mora &  Cognino Cottage in self catering

We suggest the apartment Casa Mora and the  Cognino Cottage in self catering to Guests who: 

  • want to be completely free during thier holiday 

  • enjoy cooking when they are on holiday and for this reason they need a kitchen with 4 hobs, oven, fridge, freezer and all what it is necessary to prepare meals for 2 or 3 persons

  • have  particular food requirements or are following special diets

  • for families with children, because they don't have to change their kids habits (times of meals, special foods..) and they can store in the fridge/freezed what thier children like

  • don't want to be tied to hotel scheduled times 

  • anyway it is possible to ask for the hotel service (breakfast, daily cleaning and more frequent change of linen) at an extra charge of 19 Euro/person/day

  • of course our restaurant, all the common rooms and sport facilites are open also to Guests who are accommodated in the cottage and in the apartment

booking a self catering accommodation is mainly a choice of  FREEDOM

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